The [AS] Mixtape

by Fluid Minds

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Songs from The [as] Mixtape have been used on Cartoon Network's [adult swim].

John Gray: Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Percussion, Cello, Beats

Frank Clayton: Bass, Saxophone, Organ, Flute, Clarinet, Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Christian Rogala: Drums, Organ, Piano, Percussion, Vocals

Music written and performed by Fluid Minds

Lyrics written by John Gray except

"Edge of the Sky" and "Thank You" lyrics written and performed by John Gray and KnowledgeBorn07

"JB Kinda Thang" lyrics written by John Gray and Christian Rogala

"Center of Attention" lyrics written by John Gray and Chuck Martino

"Shadow" lyrics written by Chuck Martino

Violin on Edge of the Sky, 1000 Symphonies, Chitown Seasons and Center of Attention by Boris Gorelik

Recorded, Mixed & Produced by John Gray @ Melody Sunrise Studio except

"JB Kinda Thang" Live drums, Bass, Horns and Rhythm Guitar recorded by Frank Clayton @ Melody Sunrise Studio

Mastered by Dan Stout @ Colossal Mastering

Digital Artwork, Logo and Layout: Keith Evans


released September 24, 2007


all rights reserved



Fluid Minds Chicago

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Track Name: Edge Of The Sky ft. KnowledgeBorn07
What does it mean to me?
Does it have the power to set my soul free?
I wanna get next to her,
She sings a sweeter song than any other bird
I'm down and out
I'm on my knees
Hear me plead I need, I need, I need
And guidance to be true
Cause my thoughts are wrapped in darkness
And I don’t know what to do

When you fall off track remember that we got you
This is a brotherhood helping out with the weight
We spot you
But you haven't seen life through my eyes
Honestly in the morning, when I wake up
It’s getting harder and harder to try
Understand that you gotta keep movin' forward
Learning from the past like Sankofa
Just keep flying toward your goals
And remember to set each one high
Giving each your best
The only limit you got is the sky

You've got to make up your mind
Don't let nobody hold you down this time
You've got to spread those wings and fly
And don't stop 'til you reach the edge of the sky

The pressure is on
All this on my shoulders makes my heart weigh a ton
Give me the strength to go on
I'm trying to be a king, but i feel more like a pawn
But I’ll bleed to succeed
I'd risk everything just to make you believe in
So believe in me, hear me plead
I need, I need, I need love

Track Name: Thank You ft. KnowledgeBorn07
When the sun was shinning bright you were there
When the darkest clouds came you were there

You were there for me and I appreciate the love
I’ll send it back your way because I love you so much
More than the moon, stars, earth and even the sun
More than the trees, our love is deeper than the ocean
Our love is peace, symbolicly like a billion doves
I'll give you my whole heart and never less than that love
You take me higher more than any kind of drug
and I'm telling you all of this girl because

I wanna Thank You baby
For being my everything
I wanna Thank You so from the bottom of my soul
When there’s a darkness you’re like sunshine

When I was blessed with health you were there
When I was sick and not myself you were there

When I was out on the town
When I was guzzlin crown
When I was stuck in a frown
When I was tuckin' em down
When I was stuck with them clowns
When I was just out of bounds
When I was gonna jump out
When I just wanted to drown
When I was lost and I'm found
When I was tossed upside down
When I was crushed by the pounds
When I was rushed by them hounds
When I was lost and unsound
I can’t express how, but your love heals so I’m telling you now


Rays of sun come down on me (your)
Rays of sun come down on me
Track Name: The Owls
I wish the band could be called The Nerds
And dedicate every waking hour to feeding a monkey that serves my brain
Tap the anime and comedy veins
Give me that unusual fix for the slightly insane
Dark rings around the eyes, growing sensitive to bright lights
Putting up with the days just to live for the nights
All my friends and me watchin’ our buds on TV
In between swicked artwork and beats that are funky

Give it up, Give it up ya’ll
Give it up for [adult swim] ya’ll

I wish the band could be called The Owls
Night time come home baked ready to chow
The first thing I do after I walk through the door is
Grab the remote from off the floor
Turn on the TV, Veg out, Line up the shows but
What’s it gonna be next week, nobody knows
Oh, but whatever’s on you know I’ll be watchin’ baby
Track Name: 1000 Symphonies
Play things I like that make me feel good
Everyone should, It would make the world
A better place, throughout our journey
Rapidly flying through space
On a globe that spins round and round
When I think, I love the sound
It sounds like 1000 symphonies surrounding me
Orchestrated by the sea
Track Name: See The Light
When I was a kid I was naïve to the world and it’s ways
Way back then I had more sunny days
And things on my mind but nothing good to say
My thoughts in darkness, my lonely escape
When I was a kid I was naïve to the world and it’s ways
Way back then I had more sunny days
Now I search for something to say, things on my mind
I was lost in darkness but then I opened my eyes and

Now I see the light but it’s too bright
Track Name: JB Kinda Thang
Laid back, It’s a JB kinda thang
Coolin’ out, It’s a JB kinda thang
Say it loud, It's a JB kinda thang
Open your mind to the JB kinda thang
Track Name: Chitown Seasons
Just like summer, fall, winter and spring
Like the seasons, we all gotta change
For the better, and sometimes for the worse
Is it a blessing or is it a curse?
Smoke screen mystery
Spread so thin that we can’t even see
Joy and pain partners in the game
Give your praises or place your blame
In between the lines is where we’ll meet
If you get there first, please wait for me

Which ever way the wind blows
I would never want to go it alone

Just like summer, fall, winter and spring
Like the seasons, we all gotta change
New experience equals new intelligence
Theres never enough, some times my mind puts up a fence
Intangible, but a mean machine
Sometimes so tall that I can’t even leave
Drop to my knees start clawing at the ground
I’m digging to find a light and if I make my way out then
In between the lines is where we’ll meet
If you get there first, please wait for me

But now I’m drivin
Drive into the storm
Now I’m driving, but I’m not driving alone
We’re riders on the storm
Track Name: Center Of Attention
When life is just a nightmare
And love becomes a trend
Where everything is nothing
And the beginning is the end

When you're the center of attention
You'll never let them see
The real soul inside of you
I just want to set mine free

Why do we have eyes
If we don’t use them to see?

Track Name: Shadow
If there was never any light
what would happen to our shadow?
Im only deep enough to realize that I'm shallow
My head, I keep it up
but it's hard to keep it straight
When I dont believe in love and
I can't cope with hate
Metal starts to rust
Leaves turn to dust
and the difference between love and lust
Clarifies as trust
Track Name: All Our Favorite Shows
Family Guy!
Aqua Teens!

All my favorite shows
All my favorite shows

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