Gamma Wave

by Fluid Minds

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    This album was released in conjunction with KnowledgeBorn07's album, "Cosmic Knowledge"

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Gamma Wave marks Fluid Minds' first official digital release. The album also marks the debut of Mike DeGuzman, who brings keyboards and guitar to their musical repertoire. Their third studio record fuses the rock/alternative elements of Love In Analog with the experimental direction of The [as] Mixtape. The tracks were mastered by Paul Mahajan, who has worked with Interscope artists, Yeah Yeah Yeahs & TV On The Radio.

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released May 11, 2010

John Gray: Vocals, Guitar, Beats
Frank Clayton: Bass, Saxophone, Keyboard Bass, Beats
Christian Rogala: Drums, Percussion
Mike DeGuzman: Keyboards, Guitar, Keyboard Bass

KnowledgeBorn07 (vocals on "Zion" & "When It Goes Down")
Joe Pierscionek (backing vocals on ending of "Hop Onto The Flow")

Produced by John Gray, Frank Clayton, Christian Rogala, & Mike DeGuzman
Mixed by John Gray at Melody Sunrise Studio in Carol Stream, IL
Mastered by Paul Mahajan of Breathing Protection, Inc.

All songs were recorded by John Gray at Melody Sunrise Studio except where noted:

"Get That Heat" was recorded at Flashpoint Academy in Chicago, IL by James Teitelbaum and assisted by Flashpoint students.

"AYT1" and "Stereo Typical" drums were recorded at Masters Recording Institute (now known as Minneapolis Media Institute) in Edina, MN by Jay Sandstrom & his team.

"When It Goes Down" drums and keys were recorded at Columbia College in Chicago, IL by Gary Kahn and assisted by Frank Clayton and Columbia students.

"Hop Onto The Flow" keyboard bass, "Zion" beat intro and outro, "Stereo Typical" bass, "When It Goes Down" electronic beat and bass... all recorded at Frank Clayton's home studio in Chicago, IL.

"Zion" & "When It Goes Down" vocal sections for KnowledgeBorn07 were recorded at his home studio in South Bend, IN.

Gamma Wave art, logos and digital pdf booklet were created by Keith Evans.

All music written by John Gray, Frank Clayton, Christian Rogala, & Mike DeGuzman except...

- "Zion" music written by Fluid Minds and KnowledgeBorn07

All lyrics written by John Gray except...

- "Hop Onto The Flow" lyrics written by John Gray and Joe Pierscionek
- "Zion" lyrics written by KnowledgeBorn07
- "When It Goes Down" lyrics written by John Gray and KnowledgeBorn07

All songs published by Dirty Garage Music (ASCAP), Frank Clayton Publishing (ASCAP), Medicine Men Music (ASCAP), GooZe Productions (ASCAP) except...

- "Hop Onto The Flow" published by Dirty Garage Music (ASCAP), Frank Clayton Publishing (ASCAP), Medicine Men Music (ASCAP), GooZe Productions (ASCAP), Prismatic Blur Music (ASCAP)

- "Zion" and "When It Goes Down [Do Do Ba]" published by Dirty Garage Music (ASCAP), Frank Clayton Publishing (ASCAP), Medicine Men Music (ASCAP), GooZe Productions (ASCAP), Betcha Bottom Dolla Publishing (ASCAP)


all rights reserved


Track Name: Get That Heat

Invade my mind, think about you all the time
From rise to bed, in the corners of my head
There you like to stay and I come up and waste the day
Everything I wanted to, I could never say

Hiding away, forget about the day
Calm my head, at the corner of my bed
Hop in the car and lets get away
All that she ever wanted to, she can always say

And my feelings explode
And I get that heat from you


One day I’ll blow you away
Track Name: Hop Onto The Flow

Where we end up, nobody knows
Just hop onto this flow to where ever it goes
Spit me out here or there, I don’t care
I know I’ll be cool just as long as you’re there

We’re just like shooting stars
Fire blasts red onto the night
Here comes the light

Girl, I need you by my side


When she’s around me, I think of sweet melodies
Softly spoken lullabies, something to get me to sleep tonight

(Bridge lyrics written by Joe Pierscionek)
And when I wake up girl
You’re all I can think about
Searchin’ all over and there’s no one quite like you

Track Name: AYT1

Are you the one
Are you the one
My heart is telling me, yes
Cause we’re kindred spirits
In rejection from the way of the world

Lets get away from this place, me and you
Throw away our self imposed obligation
Extended vacation at random destinations
With an overall goal to reach the Great Pyramid
Get in, hide out and find out how it works
Solving mysteries and open up a portal to another galaxy
Just think about it, how crazy would it be

Would it be, you and me
We’re going, going, gone

Are you the one
Are you the one
My heart is telling me, yes
Cause we’re kindred spirits
In rejection from the way of the world

A light illuminates the kings chamber
As we embark on the next chapter
We step into a beam, it’s like nothing you could ever dream
Our bodies transduced into particles of a cosmic stream
Flow through the veins of a being who houses
All the things we’ve been seeing
With our little telescopes and microscopes
Who would have known
But we always had that feeling, like we’re stuck between
Many layers of being, big and small
And now I look at it all, here we are
With a universal view for two love birds soaring through the stars
and we always knew

That we’re kindred spirits
In rejection from the way of the world
Track Name: Zion (ft. KnowledgeBorn07)
ZION (lyrics written by KnowledgeBorn07)

Trust in Jah to bring you guidance
Keep your hearts clean and don’t you be a tyrant
Too many bad men and too many pirates
Stealing that culture just to promote their violence
Never fall for the trickery silence
Them a not paying attention to the cryin’
Keep your head up high and keep on climbin’
When they’re weeping and wailing, you’ll be in Zion

And if they wronged you and tried to fight you down
Realize that the lion he wears a crown
Never give up, you got to hammer them down like
Robert Nesta says you got to 'rammer dem' now
Speak positive and watch the vibes reflect
As the stars in the sky align and they connect
Open your conscious eye to not neglect
The things in this life that are more important
So spread your love around and make sure it’s true
Cause there’s much more to life than being a crazy fool
Believe you me and believe me you
Got to stay focused or you’ll be wrong too

And that’s why I cry

Hold me, baby, tell me you’ll never leave
Cause I need you right here by my side for eternity
Track Name: Stereo Typical

They want us to be clones
Produce the same thing over and over again
We want to be different, and take down these stereotypical walls
To play what we feel instead of what we’re supposed to
To say what we really feel like you’re being lied to
Who are they to judge us and leave us a prepared noose

People come up and ask me why

And the only thing I can think of is money
They got us by the balls man, this shit just ain’t funny
Does it make you blue, aww shucks me too
But we can buy all the happiness in the world with money

What have we done to deserve all of this
Where do we go to feel better
Will we be here forever
Stay out of their sights and away from their guns
We must fight for truth but not through politicians
We must stay on this mission 'til the battle is won

People come up and ask me why

Track Name: When It Goes Down [Do Do Ba] (ft. KnowledgeBorn07)
(lyrics written by John Gray and KnowledgeBorn07)

Let me ask ya [do do ba ba da], are you feelin’ alright [yeah yeah] x4
When it goes down, keep on smiling with your head held high
Pushin’ through the struggles and refusing to cry

Actually I feel alone, can't get up on my own
Two feet anymore, I’m lost within this zone of negativity
The floor is hard just like a stone
Pressed front line of this war, I feel like I’m just a pawn
Used to be a king, until I lost my queen
Then I lost the bishop too and (k)nights been giving me bad dreams
Like if I didn't hiccup maybe I'd save everything
That I had within my castle but riches never made me free
Thank god for my rooks, because they saved my life
And even though they're just kids, they helped me realize
That I have to push and get back up upon my feet
I will never give up, I will never accept defeat


Visualize yourself as the sun with planets revolving
I’m that positive proton with quarks not falling in the abyss
That’s tryin’ to swallow me and if you're negative don't try to follow me
You’re hollowing the ozone and frozen in the heart
I could warm you like Telefunken and navigate you through the stars
If you tilt your head, then you can hear me calling
Sounding like the rings of Saturn
Tossed through the sky like frisbee golfing
I will break these chains that have enslaved the masses
With a bible in my hand, and my revelation glasses
Learnin’ from the past is the only way to break the code
And if you cross the wrong wires the bomb just might explode
They say 2012, it’s begun in 2009
That’s when things start to change, that’s when it started to unwind
I’ll aim my arrow through the black hole
When the stars become aligned
I want the world to live as one where no one is left behind
We can find peace within, we can spread peace throughout
We can consciously decide what we can live with and without
Humble ourselves, and lend a helping hand
Focus on that energy that created land and man

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